[The WebGL player above might not make it apparent that it's loading the game - give it a few seconds. This is a HTML5 development build with lower quality gfx; the standalone app gfx can be seen in the screenshots below.]

Short Gameplay Preview
Longer Gameplay Video

[the videos are from a previous build with a different control system]


Hostile vessels have appeared throughout the System and are sapping energy from our Sources. Eliminate the threat.

Use W/S/A/D to move and Z to boost.

Blue vessels are your target; collide with them to neutralize them. You receive 100 points per target; neutralize another within 5 seconds and receive bonus points; repeating increases bonus.

Once a Source is liberated, you will be teleported to the next one in need of your assistance.

Pink vessels harm you. Purple and green vessels may help or hinder your progress. You might also encounter other ones...


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